November 23

12 December 2023

Hampshire ram lambs have been a DNA tested to sire verify them and hopefully the information will move into Signet’s evaluation and creation of a genomic evaluation. Not only have they undergone CT scanning to assess their physical traits, but we have also carefully selected those with desirable Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs). This genetic selection process allows us to choose rams that exhibit favourable traits in terms of growth rate, muscle development, and overall productivity. Additionally, we have genotyped the lambs that were assessed using the portable accumulation chambers.

Our Lleyn rams, they have been actively mating with the ewes. The next milestones are scanning and then the lambing season ahead.

In an experiment to evaluate the shedding genetics for our flock, we have introduced shedding ram lambs to the ewe lambs. These ewe lambs have been weighed and averaged an impressive 47 kg. This experiment allows us to evaluate the shedding genetics and assess the benefits it brings to our flock in terms of reduced labour and cost associated with shearing.

In preparation for the winter, we have assessed the body condition score (BCS) and weight of our ewes. While they are in good condition overall, we have identified that some of them are a bit too heavy. Monitoring their weight and body condition allows us to manage their nutrition more effectively and ensure their optimal health and performance.

Furthermore, we have recently sent a load of lambs to the abattoir, only a few remaining to be sent in the new year.

As we continue to progress through the year, the winter months are a good time to further evaluate the impact of our breeding decisions, performance of our ewes and flock, and success of our decisions.

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