October 23

12 December 2023

Grass rotation still going well, we have been able to graze the ram lambs later than expected on red clover. We have been able to leave good covers for over winter.

Starting grazing grass saved up for winter, we will move the rest of the sheep onto forage crops in the new year and use the rest of what is stored up in the late winter.

Ewes look well on the fodder beet now they are used to it. Takes around three weeks and then they seem to put on condition.

As we move through October, our grass rotation is still going strong. We have been able to extend the grazing period for our ram lambs, allowing them to graze on the red clover pastures for longer than originally planned. This has resulted in good pasture covers that we can save for the winter months.

Meanwhile, our Hampshire’s and ewe lambs have started grazing the grass that we saved up for winter. We have carefully managed our grazing plan to allocate the appropriate amount of grass for each group of sheep, with the intention of transitioning the rest of our flock onto forage crops in the new year. This efficient strategy allows us to utilize the stored grass effectively, providing a cost-effective diet.

In addition, we are pleased that our ewes have adapted well to the fodder beet. It typically takes around three weeks for them to adjust to this new feed. We have noticed an improvement in their body condition since they have been moved onto the beet. This adjustment period seems necessary for them, which is why we aim to get them onto the beet 5-6 weeks before tupping. The increased condition of our ewes.

Overall, our system continues to deliver positive results, with extended grazing opportunities and successful integration of supplementary feeds like fodder beet. We continue to adjust and adapt it to get the most out of the system.

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